An Accessible Bathroom

This bathroom is ADA compliant.


ADA Design refers to a design that is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which may incorporate more than just wheelchair access. "Accessible" is the term used when a building is accessible for a wheelchair. 


The mom in this home is a wheelchair user and needed a better shower and dressing experience. She wanted this bathroom to be pretty but it NEEDED to be safe and easy for her to do everything. She kept saying that "just because I use a wheelchair does that mean I'm stuck with ugly?" 

We rearranged the layout to give er a bigger shower that she could wheel into. We also gave her furniture style storage so she could get dressed inside the bathroom. Including a sink and a make-up vanity are great because she can pull right up too them. 

The last detail was to open up the wall to install french doors. She had a pretty little built right outside so she could have some private time. 

This bathroom checked all of the boxes and she absolutely loved it!!

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