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Begin with a FREE 30-minute
discovery call. 


Step 1 - Our Discovery Call

Whether you are ready to get the ball rolling on a project or just have some initial questions, we would love to talk to you. 

This is our first point of contact. We like to get to know our clients and feel connected to them to help us determine if we are the right fit for each other. This is why we begin our process here, by scheduling an initial FREE 30-minute phone conversation.

During this call, you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have while we will get acquainted, you can also tell us all about your upcoming project. This will get us both really excited about the changes that are about to happen in your home and your life. 

We may ask you questions about what your goals, timelines and investment level for this project may be as well. If you don't really know, that's okay, you'll have plenty of time to think about this. 

All of this information we gather from you we will use to help us determine how we can best serve you. 

We will finish the meeting up with a rundown on our various services and how they may benefit your project. We always want to answer any questions you may have as setting expectations from the very start is important to a successful outcome. 

Our In-home Consultations

There is nothing that replaces actually being in a space and seeing its features, feeling its vibe and being able to pinpoint what needs to be done. We also really love meeting our clients and getting a feel for who they are and how they live.

This type of in-home consultation can be useful for many reasons, but we encourage a consultation as a great way to kick-starting your design project if you are within our service area.
During this working meeting, we can:

  • Assess the space by looking at its condition, and its assets

  • Take measurements for you

  • Photograph the space

  • Talk about your goals and any timelines you may have

  • Discuss how the room will function and how we might layout the space

  • Talk about style and color preferences

  • This helps us determine the Scope-of-Work

 We pack a lot of value into this meeting and it is one very good reason to schedule your consultation now.


Other Reasons to Book a Consultation

First of all, we want to make sure that your needs and expectations are being met and you receive a ton of value. To help us do this, it is helpful for us to know what you hope to accomplish with this meeting. The time is yours to use as you need to. With that said, here are a few things that are commonly done.

Color Consultation

Color is one of the single most requested issues that designers are asked about. Getting paint color right can be very tricky, especially since you are likely looking at a tiny paint chip and have to imagine it on all of the walls. Add to that the challenge of selecting flooring, upholstery, drapery, countertops and all the rest. There are a variety of materials, textures, and patterns to choose from and each one comes in multiple color choices. 

We will come into your home where we can see what kind of light it has and how the materials and surfaces play off of all each other. We will help you determine where you may want to place your color and how using stronger or darker colors here and light or accent colors there will help achieve balance and harmony within the space. We will also help you choose various materials as need and show you how to balance the ratio of wood, stone, metal, and fabric. We can help you create a fabric collection that includes large medium, and small patterns that include texture as well as a balanced color story. We show you how to use these elements in your room to create balance in a way that creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Design Dilemma

Sometimes you just need to talk it out to make sure that what you think you want to do is a good idea. We get that!

We can take a look at your ideas an help you sort out some of the details to get you on the right track with it. We may be able to help take those ideas to the next level by offering additional ideas that you can take and run with. Often, we can see potential pitfalls that we can then help you navigate and show you what alternatives you may have. 

Design isn't just about making things look pretty, it's about making sure your home functions well for the way you want to live in it, and sometimes that means looking at things differently and getting some new eyes your project with a professional opinion.

What happens next

Whether you choose a DIY design plan or in-home services, our next step together is getting you our Welcome Packet, this will come in your email as soon as you complete your purchase. 

This will contain everything you need to get started on your project right away. You’ll need to answer the questionnaire (as fully as possible), take and record measurements of the space, and start gathering inspiration images and ideas for us to get a feel for what you like and what you think you want to do.

The measurements are easy but very important to do correctly. The instructions will walk you through how to take your room measurements so that it can accurately be created in our software, which we will get started on right away.

Step 2 - The Design Phase

Once our team has a clear picture of what you need, want, and like, we will get to work on the design phases of your project.

Selecting the products that will be included in your design package is something that is constantly being considered and reconsidered, throughout the entire process of creating your design. Many times items need to be switched out and reselected as the room comes together to create the best possible design. This is why it is advised that you wait for your completed design package before you begin purchasing items. All of the items we source for you will come with clickable links for easy purchasing.

We want you to know that your project budget is of paramount importance to MDL and we take it very seriously. We need to be sure that as the design comes together we are selecting products that keep us on track with the budget that has been set forth. As you can imagine, making decisions for others is a responsibility that we do not take lightly, therefore we are constantly referring to and updating our project calculator to ensure your project stays within budget. This is why we recommend having a budget range, as this will help us finalize your products. 

Additionally, I cannot recommend tradespeople for you to hire. You will need to collect separate bids for the work to be done from each type of trade person needed to bring your project to fruition.

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Step 3 - Receiving Your Deliverables

When your design is ready it will be packaged it up in an easy-to-follow plan for you to implement. You will receive written step-by-step instructions to guide you through to completion. This is the fun part!

I encourage you to take pictures before, during and after your design adventure and share them with MDL and everyone.

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DIY Clients Recieve 

  • Floor plans with a furniture layout for you to reference. These will include relevant measurements.

  • List of all of the furniture pieces and their respective sizes and quantities needed.

  • Elevations (if needed) of key features for visual reference and measurements.

  • 3D perspective images of the of your room. 

  • Shopping List with clickable images of your products for easy purchasing and quantities needed.

  • A breakdown of the project budget.

  • Detailed instructions to guide you in implementing your design as planned.

What room can we help you want to LOVE?

FREE 30-Minute Call

Discovery Call

Everyone Starts Here.

Get a projects started or get your questions answered. 



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In-Home Consultation

Working Meeting

Get design advice, a color consult, initiate a design project. Make the most of 2-hours with a designer.



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Full Room Design Plan

DIY Plan for you to follow

A conceptual plan for you to use as a "recipe" to pull together a beautiful and cohesive space on your own.