Eva's Exterior

Eva inherited this cute little house (well, it will be cute) but it was in a bit of a ramshackled state. The front entry was unusable unless of course, you didn’t mind taking your life in your hands, and the covering was in bad shape too.

She wanted to give it some character along with the needed porch but was unsure about what to do or what it would look like. All she knew was that she wanted the porch to be big enough for two people to sit out there in the cool summer evenings and that the cover needed to be big enough to minimize snow shoveling.

It was decided, after a bit of trial and error that the best solution for the covering was to extend the existing roof. This would allow the whole porch to be covered and for it to feel bigger because it would have a higher ceiling. In an effort to eliminate the post from obstructing the view and for stability we added a big heavy horizontal beam and a vertical one too. This really plays into the craftsman look Eva wanted and fit in with the mountain atmosphere in which she lives.

In an effort to add some charm to the front we decided to add cedar shingles to the top portion of the facade with trim molding. We are also changing out the front door to a solid wood six-panel door, and framing the door and window.

Once all of these decisions were made, I was able to provide her with the plans to tell her builder what she wanted him to do for her. She didn’t have to try to explain it to him, she could show him, and he had all the measurements and everything he needed to build it.


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